Marathon Viewing Lists

Hi everyone!

Although this project was set up to be mostly a reference website rather than an actual blog, I thought I'd try my hand at adding some new content just for fun. Here are a few smaller lists I've made from the larger one that could be fun for a viewing party or marathon. As with everything, you may want to add or take away from these as your preferences dictate, but these are some of my personal recommendations. Enjoy!

TNG Journey's End

DS9 The Maquis, Part I

DS9 The Maquis, Part II

TNG Preemptive Strike

VOY Caretaker

VOY Parallax

DS9 Defiant

VOY Learning Curve

VOY Dreadnought

DS9 For the Cause
DS9 For the Uniform

DS9 Blaze of Glory

VOY Worst Case Scenario

VOY Extreme Risk

VOY Repression
The Worf Saga

TNG Heart of Glory

TNG The Emissary

TNG Sins of the Father

TNG Redemption, Part I

TNG Redemption, Part II

TNG New Ground

TNG Birthright, Part I

TNG Birthright, Part II

TNG Firstborn
DS9 The Way of the Warrior (Part I, II)
DS9 Sons of Mogh
DS9 Soldiers of the Empire
DS9 Sons and Daughters
DS9 You are Cordially Invited…
DS9 Tears of the Prophets
DS9 Tacking into the Wind
Mirror Universe Episodes
ENT In a Mirror, Darkly, Part I*
ENT In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II*
DSC Into the Forest I Go
DSC Despite Yourself

DSC The Wolf Inside

DSC Vaulting Ambition
DSC What's Past is Prologue

TOS Mirror, Mirror

DS9 Crossover

DS9 Through the Looking Glass
DS9 Shattered Mirror
DS9 Resurrection
DS9 The Emporor's New Cloak
*re-ordered in this list due to context of MU
Borg Episodes

ENT Regeneration
TNG Q Who?
TNG The Best of Both Worlds, Part I

TNG The Best of Both Worlds, Part II
TNG I, Borg
TNG Descent, Part I
TNG Descent, Part II

MOV First Contact
VOY Scorpion, Part I
VOY Scorpion, Part II
VOY Drone
VOY Dark Frontier (Part I, II)
VOY Unimatrix Zero, Part I

VOY Unimatrix Zero, Part II

VOY Endgame
Q Episodes

TNG Encounter at Farpoint

TNG Hide and Q

TNG Q Who?

TNG Deja Q

TNG Qpid

TNG True-Q

DS9 Q-Less
TNG Tapestry

TNG All Good Things…
VOY Death Wish

VOY The Q and the Grey
Section 31 Episodes

ENT Affliction (1)

ENT Divergence (2)
ENT Demons (1)

ENT Terra Prime (2) 

DSC Context is for Kings
DSC Point of Light
DSC An Obol for Charon

DSC Saints of Imperfection

DSC The Sound of Thunder

DSC Light and Shadows

DSC If Memory Serves
DSC Project Daedalus
DSC The Red Angel
DSC Perpetual Infinity
DSC Through the Valley of Shadows

DSC Such Sweet Sorrow
DS9 Inquisition
DS9 Inter Arma Silent Leges
DS9 Extreme Measures
Spock's Greatest Hits
TOS The Cage
DSC If Memory Serves
DSC Such Sweet Sorrow
TOS The Galileo Seven
TOS This Side of Paradise
TOS Amok Time
TOS Journey to Babel
TOS The Enterprise Incident

MOV Star Trek: The Motion Picture
MOV The Wrath of Kahn
MOV The Voyage Home
MOV The Final Frontier
MOV The Undiscovered Country
TNG Unification, Part I
TNG Unification, Part II
MOV Star Trek  (2009)


  1. Because of the ongoing mentions of the USS Defiant, can I suggest placing the Discovery episodes after the Enterprise episodes in the Mirror Universe Saga.

    1. I agree that in the context of the Mirror Universe specifically, that order works better. I changed it with the latest update. Thanks for the suggestion!

    2. I'm now wondering is it worth throwing The Tholian Web into the mix too? I know it's not a Mirror Universe story but it does start the Defiant part of the story.

    3. It's interesting that you say that. I had originally included that in the MU list for that very reason, but decided to take it off since it doesn't directly take place in the Mirror Universe.

    4. Much like how In A Mirror, Darkly is placed after The Tholian Web in the main chronological list. If someone wants to include The Tholian Web in their marathon, watch that episode first.

  2. Can you do a list of Borg episodes please?

    1. Added! Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. I love these marathon lists. A Dominion War one could be cool? Might be too long though.

    1. Hmm, that could be tricky since it's pretty much in the background throughout the whole last two seasons. I'll see if I can come up with something if I have some free time this week. It's a great idea!

      I may also do a Section 31 list.

  4. Hello, I think what you have done with this site is AMAZING! I really appreciate the new feature for binge watching generation. Can I suggest another Marathon watch list? Can you add Mr Mudd to the list? He has been represented in The Original, Animated series and now Discovery. I love his character and think it is awesome they keep him a reoccurring character. Again amazing work and Thank you!

    1. PS- Can not wait for Picard series and S3 of Discovery!

  5. Shouldn't Worf saga also include Rightful Heir? It's sort of a sequel to his character arc from Birthright.

  6. The Short Trek Q&A should be in the Spock list.

  7. Why are some of the parted episodes listed as twice, and some listed as (part I,II). FOr example:

    DS9 The Maquis, Part I
    DS9 The Maquis, Part II
    DS9 The Way of the Warrior (Part I, II)

    1. I guess because some of the episodes are paired together into one 1,5 hour long episodes. Like TNG/DS9/VOY pilots and finales and some other episodes like The Way of the Warrior or Dark Frontier.


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